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Why Gummys TV?

Video has been one of the most effective tools in content delivery, from short form entertainment to full in-depth videos promoting and informing people about a product or service. Many industries are now relying on this technology to stay in business in the face of a pandemic that has made in-person meetings difficult. This has obviously had a significant impact on the entertainment industry, but it has also had an impact on education, business communication, and all other industries that have now shifted from in-person to mostly online communication.

Research has found that the average viewer remembers 95 % of a message when it is watched, whereas only 10% when read. According to HubSpot, 97% of marketers say that video marketing helps users understand their brand better. Video content has become tremendously powerful with the rise of TikTok and metaverse big bang during the COVID-19 outbreak. Live games are streamed on Twitch with an average of 15 million daily active users (DAUs) while esports streaming platforms continue to grow.

At face value, everything seems flawless but in fact the significant trend is still in its very early stages. Some of the more intriguing questions that arise are: what challenges will the video-sharing platforms industry face in the near future? What options are there for mitigating the effects?

What exactly is a video sharing platform? Video-sharing platforms (VSPs) are online services that enable users to upload and share videos. Some VSPs are primarily focused on sharing user-generated videos, while others are social media platforms that allow users to upload videos as part of a broader service.

As businesses look for new ways to stay in business, engage and interact with their communities, and reach a larger audience, there is an urgent need for business owners and founders to use blockchain based VSPs to achieve a more profitable outcome while also protecting the privacy of their users.

Gummys TV, a blockchain-powered decentralised Web 3.0 video sharing and streaming platform, is making significant progress in providing users and businesses with a secure and reliable entry into the blockchain-video sharing space while also earning cryptocurrency rewards.

People can now have fun with their friends, colleagues, and customers while knowing that their content is uncensored and will reach a large audience because it is decentralised and accessible to anyone.

Gummys TV is an ambitious project with the potential to revolutionise the industry thanks to its unique Watch-to-Earn and Stream-to-Earn models. Gummy Bears AG, the company behind the initiative, has a strong team with some collaboration from around the world to achieve its goals. Meet the team by clicking here.

Why is Gummys TV the best option for content sharing and interaction?

The free market has always relied on robust competition such as Tiktok, Twitch and other social media platforms. As a result, maintaining an environment that encourages new entrants that allows smaller companies to compete with established players is critical to the video streaming industry. Video streaming, on the other hand, can be a difficult market for such businesses. How can new players enter the fray and compete on a more level playing field?

On Gummys TV, a decentralized video-sharing and streaming platform, you can sign up from anywhere in the world with just a public address and stream or upload existing content, make cryptocurrency donations, interact with other users, and subscribe to channels. Decentralisation and Web3.0 addresses the issues of centralisation, inaccessibility, control, and data leakage. Anyone can participate and monetize their content on Gummys TV.

According to our findings, the way users interact with platforms with video-sharing capabilities means there is a risk of accidental exposure to harmful content online. Gummys TV allows free speech and does not censor users; however, with the governance token GUMMYS, users can vote for the immediate removal or closure of an account that poses a threat to the platform and its users. There are also safeguards in place to ensure the platform’s use, thereby keeping the space safe.

Most video-sharing platforms have issues with late payments and excessive commissions, thus platforms must expand and evolve with new technologies, innovations, and capabilities aimed at boosting their revenue, transparency, exposure, and usage.

Gummys TV, a blockchain-powered video sharing platform, is a better alternative because there are no delayed payments and transactions are instant and fulfilled on the blockchain. When you stream or share content on the platform, you earn cryptocurrency such as BNB, BUSD, and the utility token GUMMYS. Furthermore, there are no hidden or high commission fees. Blockchain promotes transparency by allowing payments to be traced.

Gummys TV is fast and reliable. It is hosted in the fastest and most reliable Cloud servers in the world. Most video streaming platforms face network latency and congestion — the user’s device takes too long to receive data from the streaming server, or some segments of the network connection are clogged up.

Gummys TV is built of three basic philosophy:

Privacy, Freedom and Accessibility. People want to be heard and have the opportunity to express themselves without fear of being judged. Anyone can gain access to Gummys TV and monetize their content in a safe and secure manner. People in developing countries can now participate freely. All that is needed to sign up on Gummys TV is a public address. NGOs, creators, and changemakers can leverage Gummys TV to showcase their work, receive donations, engage and make genuine connections.

Gummys appears to be ahead of the game as people begin to align more with projects with utilities while looking for more ways to leverage the blockchain for cryptocurrency rewards, fun, and connections. GUMMYS has a strong chance of becoming one of the top ten cryptocurrencies in the market today, alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance coin, given that the project has a product, a native token that powers the Gummys TV, a roadmap, and a clear direction.


Gummys TV is a peer-to-peer Web 3.0 decentralized video sharing and streaming platform. Content shared on Gummys TV is uncensored and secured. When users stream or watch videos on the platform, they earn cryptocurrency including the utility token; GUMMYS. Streamers, viewers, and token holders are all part of the community-driven ecosystem.

Gummys TV solves the problem of data exploitation, high commission fees, and lack of privacy in the video and streaming industries by giving users control over their content and allowing them to sign up and interact on our blockchain-powered platform using only their public address while also benefiting from our low commission fees.

Read the whitepaper to learn more about the goals and objectives of Gummys ecosystem.

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Gummys is a WEB 3.0 decentralized video sharing and streaming platform powered by blockchain. We enable uncensored and secured content sharing