Gummys launches An Initial Fan Offering (IFO) For Its Global Community

2 min readNov 4, 2022


Gummys, the community-powered Web3 streaming platform, is excited to launch the first Initial Fan Offering (IFO) for its global community.

The IFO of $1,000,000 in total rewards is initiated to enhance the value of “the real fans” of Gummys and work together with the community members to build a strong belief system that will lead to the project’s growth and success.

What is IFO?

Launched by Icetea Labs, Initial Fan Offering (IFO) is a new Web3 term that helps projects thrive while rewarding community members for their support and help by undertaking simple actions. IFOs are developed to recruit early project supporters who will help the project expand and get rewarded in return.

You can learn more below about how community members can contribute and the benefits this initiative will bring.

As part of the Gummys IFO, community members will be key actors in propelling the project forward. In return, Gummys will provide a random amount of tokens ($1,000,000 in total rewards) and reward all community members for their efforts. All Gummys fans will get a fan badge that will be sent to their wallet.

With this VIP badge, you will get access to our:

  • Special drops
  • Tokens and NFTs
  • VIP account

How to participate?

We are giving our IFO away for FREE to our VIP waitlist. This is to reward our early supporters who believed in us from inception and continuously helped us evangelize our mission through community referrals and reach out.

To have the chance to earn valuable rewards, all you need to do is take simple actions:

  1. Submit email — MATIC wallet here:

2. Follow us on Twitter + retweet this post:

3. Tag 3 friends in the comments:

4. Join our Discord:

5. Join our Telegram:

6. Wait for our confirmation.

Stay tuned and follow us on socials:

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