GUMMYS Introducing 4 Main Features For Content Creators

2 min readNov 28, 2022

GUMMYS, the community-powered Web3 streaming platform, is presenting 4 main features that allow users to earn while having fun.

We will walk through some of the key features including Live Streaming, Spaces, Videos, and POPS (Shorts).

We are thrilled to present our killer features but this is only the preview!

Super Easy and Engaging

GUMMYS platform is the most rewarding WEB3 live streaming platform that demands no email sign-ups or logins using the personal details of its users. To sign up and interact on the blockchain-powered platform is simple, just use the public address of your wallet.

Game-changing engagement

Content creators can choose 3 media formats:

1. POPS (5-second videos)

2. Standard videos

3. Live Stream

This makes it easier to create different types of video content without switching to other different platforms.

With live-streaming in-video DROPS, gamers can monetize their content by receiving donations in crypto, drop tokens, NFTs, and collectibles. Fans can earn, win and purchase items in the video seamlessly.

POPS (Shorts) is another important type of video content that is appealing to more and more netizens. Short, vertical videos created using a smartphone can be uploaded directly to our platform and will bring more engagement that will help content creators reach a wider audience.

Community driven

Our mission is to build a decentralized social media platform for billions of users. We provide Spaces where people can gather to learn more about Web3 and make connections.


GUMMYS team is proud to provide users with an easy way to create, share content, and interact with their communities and fans. Content creators and steamers can now earn more revenue and own the content 100% unlike on other platforms.

We are built by the community and for the community so feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback on new features we should include in our product roadmap!





Gummys is a WEB 3.0 decentralized video sharing and streaming platform powered by blockchain. We enable uncensored and secured content sharing