7 Surprising Benefits of GUMMYS: The Most Rewarding Web3 Live Streaming Platform

2 min readDec 6, 2022

GUMMYS, the most rewarding Web3 Live Streaming Platform, offers the opportunity for users to earn $GMY and receive donations in crypto, drop tokens, NFTs, and collectibles by watching or streaming video content on the platform.

Here are some of our super cool features:


The GUMMYS platform aims to provide users with an easy way to earn $GMY tokens by watching their favorite video content creators on the platform.

Think about that. Are you up for it?


The Engage-to-Earn option is geared towards content creators who can upload various types of video content such as live-streaming, POPS, or standard videos without switching to other different platforms. Content creators can engage with their audience and interact with communities and fans.

The platform also provides Spaces where people can gather to learn more about Web3 and make connections.

GUMMYS is more than a Web3 streaming platform, it’s a decentralized social media platform that is built, operated, and owned by billions of users.

Crypto Donations

Web3 content creators can monetize their content by receiving donations in crypto, drop tokens, NFTs, and collectibles. Fans can earn, win and purchase items in the video seamlessly.

Wallet login

Unlike YouTube, Twitch, and Theta.TV that demand email sign-ups, as a unique decentralized platform, GUMMYS allows users to sign up and interact on the blockchain-powered platform using the public address of their wallet.

Video NFT

With the phenomenon of NFTs at its peak, GUMMYS content creators will be able to mint NFTs from videos on Polygon Network. This feature will allow them to get their fans’ support, sell and trade videos in exchange for cryptocurrency and get real value for their content.

Web3 Content Creators oriented

It could be a massive success in the Web3 world for content creators and users because GUMMYS is the only one streaming platform that strives to become a leading decentralized video content creation platform.
It’s the place where you can talk freely about crypto, games, NFTs, and Web3.

Censorship regulated by the Community

Only users can master content creation. They can vote for the immediate removal or closure of an account that poses a threat to the platform and its users.

These benefits will open the door for new monetization opportunities for Web3 content creators, while still providing meaningful moments for audiences along the way.






Gummys is a WEB 3.0 decentralized video sharing and streaming platform powered by blockchain. We enable uncensored and secured content sharing